Wilfred (634-709)

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WILFRID, Bishop of York, b. in Northumbria, 634; d. at York, Oct. 12, 709. He was educated in the monastery of Lindisfarne, but having found out that the way to virtue taught by the Scotch monks was not the perfect one, he set out for Rome, where he arrived in 654. After his return from Rome, he was, by King Aswy of Northumbria, appointed tutor to his son Alchfred, 664; and having, at the synod of Streneshale (Whitby in Yorkshire), persuaded the king and the clergy that the Roman computation of Easter, and the Roman shape of time tonsure, were the only right ones, he received the episcopal see of York as a reward (665), and held it for forty years. He was one of the most prominent champions of the Church of Rome in England. Several times he was deposed or expelled from his see by the kings; and each time he repaired to Rome, where he was sure to find support. On one of his journeys to Rome he suffered shipwreck on the Frisian coast, and began that missionary work among them which afterwards was so successfully continued by Wilbrord. See HEDDIUS: Vita Wilfridi; and BEDE: Hist. Eccl., i., iii-v.

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