Augustine of Canterbury (d. between 604-609)


AUGUSTINE, or AUSTIN, St., the first Archbishop of Canterbury: nothing is known of his early life. In 596, when he was the abbot of the monastery of St. Andrew at Rome, Gregory the Great (590-604), who for many years had taken deep interest in the English, sent him at the head of forty of his monks to England to convert the Anglo-Saxons. They met so many obstacles on their way to the coast, that they returned, and asked to be excused. But Gregory sent them again; and at last they landed at Ebbe’s Fleet, on the Isle of Thanet. Ethelbert, the Saxon king, had married a Christian, Bertha, & daughter of Charibert, King of Paris, twenty years before; and thus the way was providentially opened. Ethelbert was baptized (507), and his tribe was Christianized. Augustine went to Aries, whose metropolitan consecrated him the first Archbishop of Canterbury. A deputation he sent to tell Gregory the good news returned laden with presents, and bearing the pallium, which made Augustine independent of the bishops of France. Gregory’s dream of converting the entire island to the Roman Church was not realized., The British bishops of Cornwall and Wales refused to obey the Roman bishop. But, though unsuccessful in a measure, much had been accomplished when, May 26, 601, Augustine died. He was afterwards canonized on the ground of a reputed miracle, — curing a Saxon of his blind-ness.

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