Clare (1193/4 - 1253)

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CLARE, St and the Clarisses. Clara Sciffi, b. at Assissi, l194, d. there Aug. 11, 1253, belonged to a distinguished family, but left her home in 1212 to follow St. Francis; practised, under his guidance, the severest asceticism; founded the order of the Nuns of St. Clare, or the Clarisses; and was canonized by Alexander IV. shortly after her death. The order received its rule from St. Francis in 1224, enjoining absolute poverty, temporary silence, fasting, etc. This rule was mitigated in 1246 by Innocent IV., and again in 1264 by Urban IV., after whom those who adopted only the mildest form of the rule were called Urbanists. In the fifteenth century, however, the development took the very opposite direction. Colette of Corbie (d. 1447) founded the Congregation of St. Colette, whose members bound themselves to a strict observance of the original rule. In 1631 Francisca of Jesus Maria, belonging to the house of Farnese, founded the Congregation of the Strictest Observance; and in 1676 Peter of Alcantara founded the Congregation of the ilermitesses of Alcautara, both of which went still farther in austere asceticism.

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