Augustine of Canterbury and His Companions: Four Lectures

Augustine of Canterbury
Augustine of Canterbury.
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Those interested in Augustine of Canterbury’s mission to England will find this series of lectures helpful.

My thanks to Book Aid for making this public domain title available for digitisation.

George Forrest Browne [1833-1930], Augustine and His Companions. Four Lectures Delivered at St. Paul’s in January, 1895. London: SPCK, 1895. Hbk. pp.201. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]

Table of Content

  • Preface
  1. Preludes of the English Church. — Modern Roman controversy. — Gregory and the Yorkshire boys. — An earlier suggestion of missionary work in England. — English slaves in Reme. — Patrimony of St. Peter. — Purchase of English boys. — Mission of Augustine. — The missionaries wish to turn back. — Gregory sends them on. — They sail for England. — Richborough. — Their landing-place. — Gregory’s object. — King Ethelbert. — Lord Granville’s cross. — The Conference. — They enter Canterbury
  2. Their manner of life. — St. Martin’s, Canterbury. — Baptism of Ethelbert. — Miracles. — Consecration of Augustine. — Arles and Vienne. — Foreign consecrations of English bishops and archbishops. — Profession of obedience by English bishops. — State of the see of Rome. — Augustine’s questions to Gregory; liturgies, marriage, consecration of bishops, the bishops of Britain. — Success in Kent. — Arrival of more missionaries; books and vestments. — The Charter of the English Church. — Succession of bishops. — Metropolitans and the pallium. — National customs. —Gregory’s letter to Ethelbert
  3. A cathedral church built. — First conference with the Britons. – Welsh monasteries and bishoprics. – Second conference; failure. — Bishoprics of London and Rochester. — Endowments. — Death of Augustine. — Dedications of. Churches; St, Martin, Christ Church, St. John Baptist, St. Peter and St. Paul (St. Pancras), St. Mary, St. Andrew, St. Paul
  4. The Canterbury succession. — Laurentius and the Scots. — Mellitus sent by Laurentius to Rome. — Death of Ethelbert. — Paganism of Eadbald and of Sabert’s sons. — Flight of· Italian bishops to Gaul. — Their return. — Death of Laurentius. — Succession and death of Mellitus. — Succession of Justus. — The pallium again sent. — The conversion of Northumbria. — Consecration of Honorius by Paulinus. — Conversion of the East Angles. — Death of Edwin and flight of Paulinus. — Net result of the Italian Mission. — Act for restraining Appeals to Rome

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