Augustine of Canterbury

Augustine of Canterbury and His Companions: Four Lectures

Those interested in Augustine of Canterbury’s mission to England will find this series of lectures helpful. My thanks to Book Aid for making this public domain title available for digitisation. George Forrest Browne [1833-1930], Augustine and His Companions. Four Lectures Delivered at St. Paul’s in January, 1895. London: SPCK, 1895. Hbk. pp.201. [Click here to…

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Seven Lectures on Medieval Missions by Thomas Smith D.D.

These seven lectures on medieval missions include within their scope material on Clovis and Clotilda, Paternus, Columba, Augustine of Canterbury, Aidan, Columbanus, Brunehilde, Boniface, Willebrord, Anskar and Ramon Llull. They appear on-line thanks to Redcliffe College, who recently asked me to digitise 1,000 mission books from their library. This book is in the Public Domain….

Augustine of Canterbury | Celtic Church | Medieval Missions | St Boniface | St Columba | St Patrick

History of Medieval Missions by George Maclear

George Maclear’s History of the Christian Mission in the Middle Ages records the spread of Christianity in Europe and beyond from 340 to 1520 AD. Along the way he discussed the contributions to mission made by St. Columba, St. Patrick, Augustine of Canterbury and St. Boniface. Works on this period are fairly rare, so it…