British Churches Before Augustine of Canterbury

Map of the general outlines of some of the Anglo-Saxon peoples about 600
Map of the general outlines of some of the Anglo-Saxon peoples about 600. Source: Wikipedia

Three lectures on the earliest period of English Church History, before Augustine of Canterbury’s mission. Rev. G.F. Browne, formerly Professor of Archaeology at the University of Cambridge. My thanks to Book Aid for making this public domain title available for digitisation and to Hel-Hama for the superb SVG image (above).

George Forrest Browne [1833-1930], The Christian Church in These Islands Before the Coming of Augustine. Three Lectures Delivered at St. Paul’s in January 1894, 2nd edn. London: SPCK, 1895. Hbk. pp.156. [Click to visit the download page]



Importance of the anniversaries connected with the years 1894-1897.—Christianity in Kent immediately before Augustine.—Dates of Bishop Luidhard and Queen Bertha.—Romano-British Churches in Canterbury.—Who were the Britons.—Traditional origin of British Christianity.—St. Paul.—Joseph of Arimathea.—Glastonbury.—Roman references to Britain


Early mentions of Christianity in Britain.—King Lucius.—Origin and spread of Christianity in Gaul.—British Bishops at Councils.—Pelagianism.—British Bishops of London.—Fastidius


Early Christianity in other parts of these islands.—Ninian in the south-west of Scotland.-Palladius and Patrick in lreland.—Columba in Scotland.—Kentigern in Cumbria.—Wales—-Cornwall.—The fate of the several Churches.-Special rites &c. of the British Church.—General conclusion

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