Stained glass representing Bernard. Upper Rhine, ca. 1450

Life and Times of Bernard of Clairvaux by James C. Morison

James Cotter Morison [1832-1888], The Life and Times of Saint Bernard, Abbot of Clairvaux. A.D. 1091–1153

Today’s free book is James Cotter Morison’s biography of Bernard of Clairvaux. Tis public domain title was digitised from the copy of the book held in Spurgeon’s College library.

James Cotter Morison [1832-1888], The Life and Times of Saint Bernard, Abbot of Clairvaux. A.D. 1091–1153. London: MacMillan & Co., Ltd., 1877. Hbk. pp.448. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]

Table of Contents

  • Book I
    1. Saint Bernard’s Birth—Parents—The First Crusade—Death of Alith, his Mother
    2. Choice of a Career—Temptations from Love of Literature—Triumph of Faith—Conversions—Citeaux: its Origin—Saint Bernard’s Austerities
    3. Growth of Citeaux—Foundation of Clairvaux—Illness of Saint Bernard—William of Champeaux—William of St. Thierry—Peter de Roya
    4. Foundation of the Order of Citeaux—The Charter of Charity—The Commencement of Saint Bernard’s Correspondence—Letters to Robert—To Fulk—Sermons on the Annunciation
    5. Saint Bernard’s Friend, William of Thierry—His Illness cured miraculously by Saint Bernard—Miracles in the Middle Ages—Several Examples
    6. Visits to Paris—To La Grande Chartreuse—Inner Life of the Monasteries
    7. Secular Episode—Louis VI. and his Baronial Wars—Siege of the Castle Le Puiset—Flanders—The Murder of Charles the Good—Siege of the Castle of Bruges—Flight and Execution of the Provost—Surrender of the Murderers—Their horrible Deaths
    8. Quarrel with the Bishop of Paris—Apology—Cluny—Extracts
    9. Literary Compositions—The Tractate on Humility and Pride—The Council of Troyes—Illness—The Fairs of Champagne—The Knights Templars—Saint Bernard’s Address to them
  • Book II
    1. Death of Pope Honorius II.—The Schism—Innocent II. and Anacletus II.—Progress of Innocent through France—Cluny—Clairvaux—Council at Rheims—Enlargement of the Monastery at Clairvaux
    2. William, Count of Aquitaine, still favours Anacletus—Saint Bernard’s Triumph over him—Sermons on the Canticles
    3. Converts at Clairvaux—Freedom of Speech in the Middle Ages—Letters to Pope Innocent II. and others—Death of Louis VI
    4. Third Journey to Italy—End of the Schism—Letters home—Dispute with Peter of Cluny concerning the Election of a Bishop of Langres
    5. Death of St. Bernard’s Brother, Gerard—Funeral Sermon on the Death of Gerard—Visit of St. Malachy to Clairvaux
  • Book III
    1. Letter ol William of St. Thierry to Saint Bernard and the Bishop of Chartres—Alarm about the Heyesies of Peter Abelard
    2. Life of Peter Abelard up to the Council of Sens, A. D. 1140
    3. Theology of Abelard—His Views on the Trinity
    4. The Council of Sens—Last Days of Abelard
    5. Saint Bernard as a Monk and Ruler of Monks—Sermon on the Passion
    6. The Immaculate Conception—Louis VII. and the Archbishop of Bourges—The Count of Vermandois excommunicated—War between Louis VII. and Count Theobald of Champagne—Burning of Vitry—Death of Pope Innocent II.
  • Book IV
    1. Condition of Syria and the East up to the middle of the Twelfth Century
    2. The Second Crusade preached by Saint Bernard
    3. The Second Crusade
    4. Acts of Saint Bemard during the Progress of the Crusade—Trial and Condemnation of Gilbert de la Porrée—Second Visit of St, Malachy to Clairvaux—His Death there
    5. The last Years of Saint Bernard—The Book of Consideration—Treachery of his Secretary Nicholas—Illness and Death
  • Index

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