Writings of Saint Patrick, The Apostle of Ireland

Writings of Saint Patrick, The Apostle of Ireland

Today’s free book is a translation of the writings of Saint Patrick. This public domain title was digitised from the copy held in Spurgeon’s College library. Charles Henry Hamilton Wright [1836-1909], The Writings of St. Patrick. The Apostle of Ireland. A Revised Translation with Notes Critical and Historical, 3rd edn. Christian Classics Series VI. London:…

Seven Lectures on Medieval Missions by Thomas Smith D.D.

These seven lectures on medieval missions include within their scope material on Clovis and Clotilda, Paternus, Columba, Augustine of Canterbury, Aidan, Columbanus, Brunehilde, Boniface, Willebrord, Anskar and Ramon Llull. They appear on-line thanks to Redcliffe College, who recently asked me to digitise 1,000 mission books from their library. This book is in the Public Domain….

Conference on Modern Religious History

Conference on Modern Religious History Division of History and Politics University of Stirling Tuesday 14 June  – Wednesday 15 June 2016 Programme Tuesday 14 June  1.00     Lunch 2.00     Session I Stewart J. Brown, Professor of Ecclesiastical History, University of Edinburgh: ‘British Imperial Christianity in the Nineteenth Century: The Anglican Established Church in India’ 3.15     Refreshment…