George T. Stokes [1843-1898]
Ireland and the Celtic Church.
A History of Ireland From St. Patrick to the English Conquest in 1172,
6th revised edn.

Edited by Hugh Jackson Lawlor [1860-1938].
London: SPCK, 1907. Hbk. pp.382.

This book is in the Public Domain.

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George T. Stokes [1843-1898], Ireland the the Celtic Church


Lecture 1 - The Ancient Celtic Church

Lecture 2 - St. Patrick

Lecture 3 - St. Patrick's Mission

Lecture 4 - Tara and the Conversion of Ireland

Lecture 5 - St. Columba

Lecture 6 - Columba in Iona

Lecture 7 - Columbanus

Lecture 8 - The Paschal Controversy

Lecture 9 - Ireland and the East

Lecture 10 - The Social Life of the Eighth Century

Lecture 11 - Greek and Hebrew in Irish Monasteries

Lecture 12 - The Round - Towers of Ireland

Lecture 13 - The Danish Invasion of Ireland and the Pagan Crusade

Lecture 14 - The Danish Kingdom of Dublin

Lecture 15 - Brian Boru and the Triumph of Christianity

Lecture 16 -The See of Dublin and Union With England

Lecture 17 - St. Malachy and the See of Armagh

Notes by the editor